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Tenable Consultant

Tenable Consultant
Remote, Remote
Short Term Contract
Inquiries to: Recruiter@romackinc.com

The Client has an existing Tenable.sc implementation that provides authenticated as well as agent based scans for providing asset and vulnerability discovery, risk management and compliance auditing. The Client is requesting a Tenable.sc consultant that can assist with building custom software audit files and can provide the recommended approaches and best practices for leveraging the Tenable.sc API.

Engagement Objectives
  • The intent of this engagement is to build custom software audit files and provide technical knowledge transfer for using the Tenable.sc API.
Goals and Objectives
  • Build a custom software audit file that identifies the various software versions as well as the software vendor for installed Java applications.
  • Provide knowledge transfer and guidance for general approaches and best practices on using the Tenable.sc API.
  • Provide general approaches and best practices for leveraging the Tenable.sc API to retrieve software inventory data that will be stored into client’s custom CMDB.
Documentation Deliverables
  • Provide client with the following deliverable documents (“Deliverables”) in electronic format.
  • Formal documentation of the software audit file and API recommendations. 
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