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Jira Trainer / Implementation Lead

Location: Tampa, FL
Job # 11032162
Date Posted: 06-06-2018
Client Objective:
Jira Upgrade and new workflow creation
Environment Info:
Small install of Jira that is about 14 versions out of date
Core Needs:
Jira - 5-6 years usage 3-4 years implementation of Jira for clients
Java - 5-6 years Able to teach and communicate naturally and effectively"
Skills: Jira installation and customization, Java, Linux, Jira upgrades Description of Role (Lead SME, working as part of a team, admin, support, etc)
Lead SME working alone - oversight by a Sirius PM "SOW:
  1. Assist with upgrade of Jira to current version, to include:
    1. o Upgrade plan creation o Execution of upgrade
    2. o Validation of upgrade
  2. 2. Create a new issue workflow:
    1. Create a custom intake process with two states:
      1. A parsable email comes in and is able to directly create an issue.
      2. A non-parsable email comes in and must be flagged for review.
    2. Create a data gathering function that gathers data from an external SQL-like database and imports it into the issue.
    3. Implement appropriate states for issues to pass through in order to track the work being done.
    4. Implement a scheduler function in the issue that allows a user to schedule a reminder to validate that the issue is progressing through the system on time.
    5. Create reports to report on SLAs:
      1. How long is it taking for issues to move through specific states.
      2. How long are the issues taking to complete.
    6. Create as built documentation."
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