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Cloud Engineer

Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Job # 10991857
Date Posted: 05-24-2018
Role:  Cloud Engineer
Location:  Pittsburgh, PA – Can be remote after client comfort level is earned and trusted
Duration:  9 Months

Resumes to:
Client Objective:
3 Phases:
1) Design and implement a flexible and robust Foundational account/subscription structure, network architecture, landing
zones, in a cloud provider for future refactored applications to land. The Cloud provider is AWS but will be
influenced based on feature functionality, price, flexibility, and skillset.
2)Define migration strategy for each application, heavily based and influenced on the output of the Application Portfolio
Discovery Assessment. Group, order, and execute migration activities for all environments. Leverage Cloud-native
PaaS services wherever possible.
3) Plan and execute CI/CD pipeline for Cloud framework and application automation. Develop an automation policy with
the following automated actions
Environment Info:  (detail size, scope, product makes, models, and versions)    
11 critical applications need to leave the EQT datacenter. They, and their dependencies, will be bound for AWS.
Most Critical Skills
  1. AWS Certified
  2. Experience with CloudFormation
  3. Creating Playbooks or Cookbooks
  4. Application migrations
  5. Automation
  6. Scripting using the AWS CLI/SDK
  7. Has used Packer or have built an AMI Factory
Key Search Words           AWS Certified, CloudFormation, Automation, Migrations, Config Management, Chef, Puppet, Ansible
Description of Role
Engineer to build and implement the templates, automation, scripting to stand up a Cloud deployment and application.
Strong expertise developing with a Config Management tool (Chef, Puppet, Ansible).
Will be building automation for AMI factory, IAM, operational automation
Couple Qualifying Questions to Send With Submission:
How much experience do you have with CloudFormation?
How many applications have you migrated to Cloud in the past?
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